For details, refer to the manual that was supplied with your software. Item to check Action Is the power on? Document Scanners , Bell Howell Scanners. Do not change the settings of the other switches. Duplex Model only 2.

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This record has been provided to help you find parts for your scanner.

When the power cord or plug is damaged or frayed. When moving the scanner, always hold it with the Auto Document Feeder ADF against yourself, and lift it up slowly so as not to strain yourself.

If you do not clean the feed roller, it may dirty the next original bekl is scanned.

Offering 3 times the capacity of other scanners in its class, the D FB leaves the competition far behind in this critical capability. Setting Originals Originals 17 Recommended Sizes and Weights of Originals 17 Difficult to Detect Sizes 18 Original Sizes and Scanning Area 19 Setting Originals 20 Setting the Original on the Contact Glass 20 Setting the Original in the Auto Document Feeder ADF 21 4. It is also an affordable solution.

Bowe Bell Howell FB Series 2000D Flatbed Scanner

Sidekick 43ppm Color Duplex 8. However, different models of output devices have different characteristics.

Setting Originals An original that is highly transparent, such as transparencies or tracing paper An original that has markedly curled edges, such as shown below 5mm 0.

Error Indicators And Solutions 5. Do not place heavy objects on it, pull it hard or bend it more than necessary. For details, refer to the manual that was supplied with your software. Can we scan fingerprints with a standard document scanner?

I lost the CD that can with my scanner.

Installation environment Important Do not set up the scanner in any of the types of locations listed below. This function is used in order to automatically scan text in binary scanning mode and photos in halftone scanning mode. Setting Up The Scanner 2. Appendices Maintenance 33 Cleaning rb Scanner 33 Cleaning the Contact Glass, Slit Glass, White Sheet, and Platen 34 Cleaning the Feed Roller and Drum 34 Cleaning the White Roller Duplex Model Only 36 Hpwell the Scanner 38 Carrying the Scanner a Short Distance 39 Shipping the Hiwell Also See for FB User manual – 71 pages.

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Got it, continue to print. However, our extensive online support options make on-site visits unnecessary for many applications. Armed with a bevy of little features that make a big difference for companies across industries, Ngenuity saves you valuable time and guarantees optimal image quality every time you scan.

And, its space-saving design allows you to place the scanner virtually anywhere. The low volume production scanner segment just got a little faster.

A fire or an electric shock might occur. When filter tb not used When filter is used Smoothing This filter is used to smooth out small bumps within an image. What is your return policy for scanners? Select a suitable gamma curve for the original that is to be scanned and the output device.

Bell & Howell D-FB parts, consumables, used and refurbished units

Howelk color, grayscale and bitonal scanning capabilities, superior speed and excellent image quality, the Sidekick is an excellent choice for workgroup applications. Preparing for Installation Set up the scanner in a location where the temperature and humidity will fall within the ranges shown below.

Interface for Reverse Side Scan- ning This presses the document down on the contact glass.

Examples of Indications Symbol R means a situation that requires you take care. Refer to the diagram below. Not more than 15mm 0. Maintenance Note Always clean the feed roller after scanning an original that was written in pencil or with some gb material that is not solidly fixed on the paper.

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