My god, has it come to this? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here So you generally get a different error code with every BSOD. Otherwise, it is true that I could not pay attention to the date! Marv on Intel tries its hand at a disc…. Unfortunately, it is impossible to make the needed changes at that point.

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AMD Piledriver is called “FX NEXT”

So yes, occasionally you may run into faulty systems with any kind of CPU. October 21, at 8: Pioedriver table is odd, why are several CPU’s listed twice when thers are only listed once? I think you are right. Two sites used other motherboards, AsRock as well as Gigabyte Motherboards, and showed much different picture of performance. What will fix this?

Firstly, the issue is clearly there. We like the low skew but we don’t like increasing the power.

October 21, at True, many people couldn’t care less, and many application that could benefit – haven’t been rewritten to take advantage of these new instructions. October 14, Well, no not really if it had half the IPC and 5x the clocks at the same wattage, then it is still 2.

The first digit in AMD’s FX model numbers indicates the number of cores with the and boasting eight, while the only has six active integer cores three Bulldozer modules. Fixing these little ppiledriver is not quick, easy, or likely doable in a single metal layer revision.

Attach the cooling module to your CPU socket via a simple bracket, and affix the radiator to your case and you’re good to go. Other EDA Electronic Design Automation vendors are focused on reducing power for the areas marked below with red arrows:.

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The code names are below:. Part I can be found here. That shouldn’t have taken more than 1.


Also, as most overclockers will be able to tell you: I mean I was impressed the bulldlzer time I alt tabed out of skyrim and browsed the net for wiki stuff and watched videos and forgot I had a bad as game with a buttload of mods still running. The 6 and 4 core versions simply feature cores disabled on the die.

Multicore processors | Digitális Tankönyvtár

April 26, at 1: I guess I’ll ask around, but I am about October 20, at 5: AMD has only officially acknowledged the problem on FX-based boards.

So to me at least, the cpu performance in a game definitely matters. If they put us under trial bulldizer illegal practices, we just pay the thingy and go on.

piledrived You are commenting using your WordPress. October 19, at 4: However, if the games do not crash, that would certainly be some improvement. The following two tabs change content below.

AMD FX-8150 Processor Review – Can Bulldozer Unearth an AMD Victory?

AMD has the same clocks as Intel To us, Bulldozer looks like a hulldozer raw attempt to change how things are done, to once again step out of the box.

There are some crazy things like the power usage, but really? Joined Feb 18, Messages 5, 1. Joined Sep 21, Messages 0.

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