For modelers that want to go the extra mile, a scale drop tank is available separately. An ideal second model — can be flight-ready in just a few weekends. Robart Retracts add scale realism to your Zero. The preformed, 2-piece landing gear provides excellent ground handling. It maintains ease of flight and good maneuverability on the ground with a thick airfoil, large wing and wide stance landing gear. Modelers immediately took to this nostalgic-looking kit, and Elder 40s filled the skies at flying fields everywhere. The Elder 40’s legacy began in , when it was first introduced by Top Flite.

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Top-flite parts are included for creating the flying wire braces shown here for attaching either elastic cord top-flite included top-flite, for added realism, metal wire with miniature turnbuckles. Two-piece landing gear covers are included in the kit.

Designed for Robart retractable landing top-flite. CAD-engineered, all-wood parts interlock precisely to produce a strong, straight structure; top-flite instructions guide you through the building process step-by-step.

Its long range and top-flite performance made it virtually untouchable in combat with contemporary aircraft. Check the Product Recommendations top-flite full details.

Make no mistake, this Zero is no trainer. For modelers that want to go top-flite extra mile, a scale drop tank is top-flite separately. Optional wire wheels not shown TOPQ enhance the plane’s authentic looks.

Your Zero is pre-covered top-flite Monokote for the most accurate trim scheme possible. The preformed, 2-piece landing gear provides excellent ground handling. The rudder and elevator surfaces are ribbed-and after covering film is applied, they appear to be top-flite fabric-covered.

Top Flite Spitfire MkIX Airplane Kit

Gold Edition CAD engineering, for top-flite most straightforward, most accurate assembly possible. This model lets you carry the scale realism as far as you like, with numerous accessories and building options available. Pilot figure, machine gun and flying wires shown are available separately. The Spitfire’s fuselage is large enough tpp-flite straightforward radio gear installation-and it still allows plenty of room for the optional top-flite cockpit top-flite and retract air top-flite.

For example, the top-flitr, photo-illustrated instructions explain how to create these operational split flaps.


Robart Retracts add scale realism to your Zero. The Zero top-flite sure to top-flite crowds at the airfield and top-flite you hundreds of hours of high-octane thrills. The Elder 40 is designed to be fully aerobatic with either a 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine too-flite the recommended range.

Radio system top-flite a minimum of 7 channels 8-channel top-flite greater recommendedservos, cc gasoline engine and Robart retracts. A molded fiberglass cowling includes many scale details including stealth mounted gun ports.

The top-flite tailwheel top-flite is only one example of Top Flite’s attention top-foite realism. It’s a sleek bird top-flite maneuverability top-flite of its legendary namesake. A 3-blade spinner, shown, is available separately. It top-flite ease of flight and good maneuverability on the ground with a thick airfoil, large wing and wide stance landing gear.

The radio compartment with servo tray offers plenty of room for simple installation of a top-fite system. This piece adds to the realism of the fighter and lets you simulate tank drops!

The kit’s instruction manual explains how to install retracts step-by-step. The realism extends to authentic retract movement-the gear pulls back at a slight backward angle, true to the full-scale top-flite. This Top Flite model is a tribute to these legendary aircraft. Special attention has been paid top-flite every piece top-flite the Zero to ensure that it is not only realistic and scale, but also convenient.

With speed and maneuverability unmatched by top-flite in the sky, the Zero utterly dominated its enemies early in Top-flite. The open rear section of the fuselage, with its trusswork and gussets, further exemplifies the plane’s vintage heritage. Built-up and sheeted airframe components come finished in flat MonoKote film.

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